A little bit more about us.
We're not your typical web design company.

Websites are necessary for any business, big or small. But not everyone can afford to pay for a custom website design. As a small business owner, maybe you don't feel like you have the time or budget to compete with the big guys. I founded Be Mighty Web Design to help small business owners like you compete in a demanding marketplace. We offer website design, development, and marketing services that give you the edge you need to succeed at all-inclusive affordable monthly rates.

A little Background

I'm Shala, the proud founder of Be Mighty Web Design (Hi!).
I've been designing and drawing for as long as I can remember posters, t-shirts, flyers--you name it. And do you remember THIS fashion statement? Yep, it was my side-hustle in high school.

I had always been interested in art but never pursued it as a career. Once I had children, I decided to stay home with them full time. But, I needed something to keep me busy (and sane), so I decided to focus on web design. I loved combining my artistic talents with my desire to help others, and I pursued courses and certifications to really hone my design skills. I continue to learn and grow in my field, and I love what I do.

Be Mighty Emerges

I created Be Mighty to help small businesses level the playing field by providing affordable web design and development services. We understand that a great website doesn't have to cost a fortune, and for years we've been dedicated to helping our clients get the most bang for their buck. So whether you're a small business owner, ma and pa shop, or a nonprofit, we can help you create a beautiful website that converts traffic into leads and leads into customers!